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If you have given some thought to investing in this trend in eyebrow enhancement, here's what you need to know.


Firstly, Microblading is considered to be a semi-permanent style of pigmentation or tattoo. A technician deposits ink into thin, hairlike openings in the skin using a tiny, toothed blade. This same type of ink is used for tattoo, although the tones are specially selected to simulate eyebrow hair colouring. It is considered semi-permanent because it fades with time, however because of variations in the pigment, as well as individual skin type, it can indeed be more on the permanent side, so it's time to do your homework.

Here's where it gets tricky! There are hundreds of new technicians being trained in this technique on a monthly basis, across the country! So how do you select who should work on you?


As there is an increase in demand for Microblading, many aspiring "bladers" are rushing out to learn how to provide this profitable service. That doesn't mean they should be allowed to learn it, or provide it.

If you are looking for safety and quality assurance, you want to look for a technician who is a certified aesthetician, medi-spa professional, or who has knowledge of the anatomy of the skin as well as the control of blood borne pathogens and illness.

I will say the average person, makeup artist or lady who likes beauty, does not have this knowledge, which can be dangerous. Microblading is an invasive treatment that does involve blood.

You will on occasion find a practitioner without any professional history in the Aesthetics field, who is a great technician, however there is vast background knowledge that comes with previous education in the field. Some local colleges provide easy courses in the study of blood borne illness and pathogens. Tattoo artists are required to have this, so it's a huge bonus if your microblading technician has it. Your technician MUST know how to keep you safe by properly disposing of contaminated items she has used and preparing his or her work environment with the appropriate sanitation and sterilization procedures.

If you know your technician does not have much industry background, the next step is to ask where they received their education. Don't be afraid to ask for proof of certification and view the treatment room. A cluttered, disorganized treatment area likely means that this person will also be disorganized in his or her care for you .


Ask about licensing and insurance. Although microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, the results of infection and improper technique can be very permanent. If you seek out a skilled, insured and licensed professional with a great work atmosphere, you can be sure they take themselves seriously as a practitioner and have your best interest in mind.


Besides asking for perfect arches you should be asking what her sanitation procedures are.

- How is waste disposed of?

- How does he/she clean surfaces before and after treatments?

- Does he/she wear gloves?

- How does your technician plan to protect you from bacteria on clothing?

- Does she wear a mask and tie hair back or in a bonnet?

- Are sharp containers used for blades and contaminated items?

- What methods does your technician use to reduce pain or discomfort?

- Does he/she always dispose of blades after each use?

Realistically speaking, any cosmetic treatment you receive should be delivered with the highest standards for cleanliness and safety, so be picky and ask questions! Don't look for the cheapest deal you can find because the rule of "you get what you paid for" most definitely applies to microblading.


Shopping for a qualified technician means finding work that is visually appealing to you. Facebook and Instagram are great places to shop for a technician in your area. Look for crisp, close up photos that demonstrate a variety of shapes, lines patterns, skin and hair colors. Dark, distant, overly filtered photos won't show you the true skill of the technician you are investigating.

Are you that person who loves to peruse Instagram to discover the next best thing in beauty, double clicking on cleverly edited snapshots of beautifully adorned nails, makeup looks and fetching eyebrows? If so, you have likely come across microblading and how it can transform eyebrows into the alluring pair of arches you could have had, had you never gone through the 90's phase of tweezing them into sad, semicircular bows. Maybe you are that person who can thank hormones or mom and dad for your fading forehead fluff.

With Love


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