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The Joy of Microblading

There is an unbelievable amount of buzz about the hot, new trend of Microblading! Women and men, are hungry for the perfect arch, as they realize how eyebrows are an such incredibly important aspect of facial expression and social media has made the full eyebrow something to desire. "Brows on fleek?"...yes please.

Sadly many of us are loosing them, have tweezed them into oblivion or just never had them.

How Does It Work?

Eyebrow microblading is performed by the manual deposit of pigment (tattoo ink) under the top layer of the skin by using a special pen. It does not involve the use of a machine. After the skin is numbed and cleansed, the technician measures and maps out your ideal brow shape. She/he will then custom blend your tattoo ink color using shades of browns, beige, auburn, sometimes black and greys, depending on your skin and hair coloring. As the service begins, a tiny, sterile, comb-like blade is inserted into the tip of the pen and that blade is used to create thin, hairlike micro-cuts in the skin. The skin heals and you are left with pigment that typically lasts from one to three years (if properly taken care of).

What makes a beautiful brow?

As a Microblade technician, what I try to achieve in brow artistry is symmetry, fullness, texture, complimentary color and an enhanced arch. I will correct scarred eyebrows and create eyebrows for those suffering from alopecia (hair loss)

If you are on the hunt for a microblading technician, look for someone who has a background in the Esthetics field, is proud to demonstrate their work, mentions a sanitary work environment, is a great communicator, gives you a proper consultation with a medical questionnaire and prepares you for any discomfort with numbing agents.

A good technician doesn't necessarily have to have a decade of experience under her/his belt. Examine their work, consult with them and if they are diligent and thorough you should be quite happy with this amazing technique. If you can find a pro based on referral by someone who's gotten a lovely pair of their own, even better.

The future of the brow.

Although trends are ever changing, there is no indication that the luscious, "fleeked" brow will disappear anytime soon, so go ahead and get those bushy babies! The beautiful thing is that if your taste does change, they will soften over time and you can go for something slightly updated.

Embrace the brow now!

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