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CTV Morning Live

During my career as a Makeup Artist I have had the priveledge of partnering with so many beautiful and talented people. One such experience is a shoot during wich I was able to collaborate with Astrid Woodard.

I assisting Astrid during her March 22, 2014 Eyebrow Styling segment on Edmontons CTV Morning Live.

It was a pleasure to be on set demonstrating an eyebrow wax, as well as doing hair and makeup preparation on my model earlier that morning. Astrid was able to explain various methods of hair removal as well as demonstrate different types of makeup to define and beautify the female eyebrow.

Makeup preparation for HD filming is very interesting as it challenges conventional methods of makeup applications for filiming; yet it is tuly an enjoyable experience to be able to work with such a great variety of methods.

Stay tuned for the video of the Morning live Segment


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