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Studio Etiquette

If you know you are running late, please contact us so we can provide you with the best possible service.  Arriving more than five minutes late to the studio may result in having your appointment rescheduled or adjusted. We will always do our best to accommodate you, and are happy to modify or reduce your service to fit the remaining available time. However you may still be charged the same amount as your original booking.

Please do not bring small children to your appointment, you will not be able to attend to them and the work Amaris does is both clinical and precise, interruptions may lead to your appointment being cut short and/or undesirable results 

If your treatment time happens to run late, we will try to inform you ahead of time, in order to ensure that interruptions in your schedule are avoided.


If it's your first visit with us, you are welcome to arrive early to fill out any pertinent forms.


In order to protect you by keeping our spa as sanitary as possible, we provide several types of spa footwear and shoe covers. You will be asked to remove your outdoor footwear at the door.


Download the Vagaro booking app to keep track of your appointments and book online.


Let us know about your visit with us so that we may consistently provide you with the best possible service.


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