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How We Protect Your Health
Amaris is invested in your general health and we are committed to providing you the highest standards for cleanliness .  She follow the Alberta Health Standards and Guidelines for both aesthetic services and micropigmentation.
This includes precautions dealing with informed consent, preparation and handling of instruments, skin preparation, post care, record keeping and safe disposal of dangerous goods including disposable items coming into contact with blood and bodily fluids.
Disposable items are used as often as possible.  This includes permanent makeup needles and cartridges, gloves, applicators,  microblading sharps, lancets, cotton gauze and wipes, waxing sticks, bed covers and etc.

Medical sharps containers are used for any disposable sharps as well as contaminated disposable cottons and gloves.  Working surfaces are disinfected and covered with disposable covers when required.

Liquid CS20 Sterilization soak is used for reusable stainless instruments such as tweezers and microblading handles.
Accel TB surface spray as well as 30 second disinfecting wipes are used for most surfaces.  Surfaces are washed and wiped down between clientele. Gloves, masks, robes and bonnets are used while providing more invasive services such as microblading.


Amaris Gamache has been certified in the Human Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure Course. Certificate #. HBPE2016-05-07-80


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