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You Don't Have a La Seda Silk Pillowcase Yet? Here are 8 reasons you should reconsider.

Let's Start By Giving You the Low Down On The Benefits of Silk

1. Silk protects your hair from damage and tangles

Fine thread particles and tight weaving prevent the hair ends from becoming trapped in the fabric fibres as it does with cotton and other fabrics. 2. Silk is anti-aging and prevents fine lines by not "grabbing" your skin The smoothness of our silk pillowcases allows your skin to glide, whereas cotton and polyester grip and scratch the delicate facial skin, contributing to premature stretching and skin creasing.  3. Silk is Organic, Naturally hypo-allergenic and chemical free 4. Silk Helps maintain, hair extensions, braids, damaged hair, eyelash extension and even men's beards Eyelash extension and hair extension wearers experience a significant reduction in overnight shedding, breakage, matting and eyelash damage. Even men with beards or hair loss can benefit from sleeping on silk as silk will not snag and kink facial hair. Dermatologists agree that cotton and synthetic fabrics dry out the hair and skin. 5. Breathable so they regulate temperature Silk also allows the hair and skin to breath and  maintains a cool surface temperature keeping you comfortable all night.  6. Beneficial to all hair textures from baby fine to afro textured 7. Silk is ecological and 100% biodegradable

8. La Seda Silk is proudly Canadian!

What more can we say. They pride themselves on their roots and serving Canadian clientele in the best way possible.


More About Our Canadian Silk by La Seda Silk With These FAQ's

SCRUNCHIES: Their silk scrunchies protect your ponytail while keeping it secure. Unlike conventional ponytail elastics and cotton scrunchies they firmly but tenderly hold hair in place while preventing hair breakage and reducing « ponytail kink » They can be used to create the perfect messy bun, they look sweet and elegant and make perfect gifts. HOW DO LA SEDA PRODUCTS STAND OUT? La Seda Silk pillowcases and scrunchies have a shiny, charmeuse finish, so they feel smooth and luxurious. ​Other non-charmeuse products lack any health and beauty benefits. ​Silk is easily replicated by other "fake" synthetic products like satin and viscose. La Seda Silk has taken great measures to ensure they are offering the real thing. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk with a thickness of 19 momme, the pillowcases are the very best available in Canada.  All La Seda products have been tested for 100% authenticity as there are many imitation fabrics on the market and our consumers can easily be duped into buying imitation silk.   WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SATIN PILLOWCASE AND A SILK PILLOWCASE? Silk is a natural fibre, whereas a silk imitator such as ‘satin’ is a petroleum based, synthetic material. Satin takes up to 200 years to biodegrade, it is thinner, it ‘sweats’ and becomes rough and pills overtime, essentially negating the positive benefits of sleeping on a smooth pillowcase.The smooth, charmeuse silk finish of La Seda Silk product, is superior in that it’s more ecological, softer and breathes. Satin is a synthetic fabric, otherwise known as polyester.  It does have shine and feels soft, but simply does not offer the same benefits on a microscopic level. WHAT DOES MOMME MEAN? Momme is the measurement indicating the weight of the silk. The thicker or heavier the silk, the more it drapes, the softer it feels and the longer it lasts.   La Seda has selected 19 Momme as their preferred measurement because of its lightness, softness and affordability. IS SILK APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES? Silk is beneficial to anyone, young and old! In fact its great for preventing bedhead in children and protecting their natural curls.   It's great for coloured hair, curly hair, afro textured hair, hair extensions, bearded men, men and women  experiencing hair loss and those with delicate skin. WHAT PILLOW SIZES DO YOUR CASES FIT? La Seda pillowcases are available in Double/Queen  (fits both) size of 20” x 30” (51cm x 76cm) and a King size of 20" x 36" (51cm x 91cm).  

Click This Photo to shop silk or visit for more information

Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases in Canada by Canadian silk Company La Seda Silk

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