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Hello Dear Clients and Friends of the Studio!

Firstly, we hope you and your families have been well and have been able to settle into this new normal, these are trying times for all of us and we are sending you positive and loving thoughts. Secondly, we wanted to take some time to address how we have been responding to the current global health situation.

Our immediate response was to close the studio last Tuesday March 17, 2020. We contacted all clients scheduled during those dates to let them know that, for the time being we will be closed until March 30th, 2020 and would be freeing up some time for re-bookings at a later date.

We are currently taking things on a daily basis and will continue to contact clients on an individual basis as their appointments approach.

According to Alberta Health Services we are still legislated to operate. They finally published some documentation on how to do so regarding COVID-19, on March 23, 2020. The issue that we are now facing is how to implement those guidelines with an ongoing shortage of such things as masks, cleaners, disinfectants and disposables. The messaging from AHS is counter-intuitive as we know these things are important for Essential Services to have access to at this time and in fact we have been cut off from our medical suppliers.


We are CONSIDERING a very limited operation, following strict regulations, until we run out of disposables.

Regulations would include:

  1. Staggering clients to prevent cross contact

  2. Prohibiting clients with any symptoms of illness (However Mild) to enter the studio

  3. Preventing clients who have travelled within the past 14 days or have been in contact with anyone that has travelled within 14 days from attending appointments

  4. Spacing clients so that we have adequate time to complete a full sweep and wipe down with sanitizing agents in between clients.

  5. Wearing the masks and protective gear we now have for personal protection. *We must keep in mind that these articles are in great demand by essential services and we may face a negative backlash by continuing to use them. We are facing a great dilemma as, until we are forced to close by legislation, we are uncertain if we will qualify for any type of financial aid. This will force many in the Personal Services industry to continue to work. In fact many in our industry are hoping that Alberta Health Services discontinue operation of the personal services sector all-together. I have attached a link below to a petition I have started if you are interested in knowing more and would like to help our industry achieve some resolution to this.

Please Keep in mind that the above listed are possible considerations in the event that we decide to restart operations and are dependant on whether or not we are allowed to continue to operate. We have to consider that after medical and dental we are the industry with the most one on one physical contact with the public and this poses specific challenges at this time.

As Joanne Higgins (Barefoot Spa) and Annette Martiniuk (Twisted Extensions) are contract workers they will be regulating their own working atmosphere in co-operation with Amaris. At this time we are all on the same page as to how we feel about our commitment to the health and safety of you, our clients and the community.


  1. For now we would like all clients who personally feel uncomfortable attending their appointments to contact us to cancel.

  2. If for any reason feel you do not wish to keep you appointments we will not be charging a cancellation fee.

  3. If you feel you can hold off on having your service done we would like you to delay your booking.

  4. Please ensure you are following AHS recommendations for Social Distancing so that if we do continue to operate the risks are reduced.

We have recently opened an online store at and over the next weeks will be adding products for lash care, skin care and other beauty essentials.

At this time we hope to keep an open dialogue with you, our valued and loyal clientele so that we can serve you and do our civic duty in the best way possible.

Forever grateful for your ongoing support

Amaris, Joanne and Annette

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