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Want to wake up with a full, dark lash line everyday?
Tired of trying to draw on the perfect eyeliner wing?  Amaris is able to work with a variety of eyeliner shapes and styles from a simple enhancement to a more dramatic, winged eyeliner that will heal well and last!  Consultation is required for all new Permanent makeup (micro-pigmentation) clients.

*Consultation is required for all new semi-permanent makeup (micro-pigmentation) clients.

Consultation and treatment are done on separate days only.

All Micro-pigmentation techniques consist of 2 treaments, both treatments are required in order to consider the treatment as complete.

Lash Line Enhancement delivers the most subtle of eyeliner styles.  pigment is added in a fine line to deepen the lash line, No wing, no drama, just a natural, darker lash line 

Classic eyeliner for that daily definition. the classic line is your perfect, wingless daytime look for added contour or the eye-line/

Classic wing eyeliner goes the next step adding extension to the lash line with a flick or a wing. 

Wedge eyeliner is designed for more coverage of a larger lower lid, if you have large, round eyes with a lot of lid space you'll love the coverage and that nice full wing.

Smokey  eyeliner starts with a slight to medium classic line with  sheer shading added up onto the lid. this look achieves a subtle contoured and dimensional look to the lash line

Corrective work to the rescue! Fix that blue tone and smooth out wiggly lines, patches or other un-evenness from previously done work,  botched treatments or aged eyeliner 

Amaris will help you decide on the desired look you wish to achieve. From there, your eyelids and some of the eye area will be numbed with a topical numbing cream. Your eyes  remain closed  as you relax for your treatment. 

Once you are fully numbed, the pigment will be carefully deposited to the lash line with an electric fine tip pen into the epidermal skin layer.

Who is a good candidate? 
Ideal for candidates who apply eyeliner daily, want to save time, who have lost their steady hand or just don't want to worry about doing their eyeliner constantly smudging off

When will I see results and when can I return to everyday activities?
Results are immediately visible however, the day of the treatment the eyes may be mildly swollen making the line appear slightly thicker. if selling does occur it normally subsides over a few hours,   Eyeliner is the most permanent of all the PMU procedures but  will naturally fade over time. requiring retouching very 2-3 years if desired.

PMU Artist Amaris will provide you with detailed instructions regarding post procedure care however,  contact lenses, eye makeup, artificial eyelashes,  swimming, saunas, direct sunlight, picking, peeling and scratching must be avoided for the first ten days following your appointment.

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