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Welcome to the modern eyebrow pigmentation world.
Using semi-permanent microblading, powder, ombre, nano-brow and combo brow techniques, you will receive a curated brow that will heal well and transform the look of your brows!  
No more fussing with your brows or worrying about going brow-less on vacation or while enjoying your favourite activities.
Corrective treatments on previously done work are also available.

*Consultation is required for all new semi-permanent makeup (micro-pigmentation) clients.

Consultation and treatment are done on separate days only.

All Micro-pigmentation techniques consist of 2 treaments, both treatments are required in order to consider the treatment as complete.


Powder/Powder Ombre Brow is a technique that involves applying a soft layers of pixelated droplets of pigment that emulate the appearance of sheer powder to the brow area in order to create a soft but defined, filled in shape. The Powder Ombre technique simply means the front are the brows are left more sheer and soft snd the colour intensifies through the arch and "tail" of the brow.

Nano-brow involves the use of a super fine tattoo needle to emulate hairstrokes and is useful in cases where microblading is not suitable. It is often used along with powder/ombre brow.

Combo brow is a combination of two or more brow techniques in order to individually personalize the brow style. most commonly nano hair stroke and powder brow are used together to achieve a natural, but defined brows

Microblading  is a semi-permanent makeup technique involving the use of a small blade-like comb to create detailed, line work in the brows

Using blends of  high-quality, natural shades of tattoo pigment Amaris enhances and recreates the eyebrows to achieve symmetry, balance and natural. lasting colour. In order to maintain longterm health of the skin, Microblading is limited to a smaller group of appropriate skin types, 

Blonde Brows require special skill and an individualized approach in order to achieve the most complementary and natural pale effect and to work with more delicate, fair skins, If you have fair brows your service may be limited to what will produce the best long term results, Amaris will be able to establish your treatment plan during your preliminary consultation

Corrective work to the rescue! Fix that bluer red tone and correct uneven  lines, patches and more  from previously done work,  botched treatments or aged pigmentation. Ask me about lightening procedures

Amaris will help you decide on the desired look you wish to achieve. From there, your brow area will be numbed with a topical numbing cream.

Once you are fully numbed, your look will be stencilled on and reviewed by you and then pigment will be carefully deposited into the skin with an electric fine tip pen,  tattoo machine or micro blade.

Who is a good candidate? 
Ideal for candidates who apply brow colour daily, have lost natural eyebrow fullness,  want to save time and who require fuller, more even brows 

When will I see results and when can I return to everyday activities?

Results are immediately visible, the days following the treatment the brow colour will darker and then begin to exfoliate and make flake or peel rendering them temporarily lighter until they settle into the appropriate tone. 

PMU Artist Amaris will provide you with detailed instructions regarding post procedure care however, makeup, heavy sweating, swimming, saunas, direct sunlight, picking, peeling and scratching must be avoided after your treatment, 

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