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About Micro-Pigmentation or Permanent Makeup

Micro-pigmentation, semi permanent or permanent makeup are essentially different namers for the same or similar techniques.They involve the use of a tattoo like machine to implant different coloured inks into the skin to enhance lip colour, eyeliner colour or brow colour.

The permanency of this methods depends upon the colours used as well as the lifestyle and genetics of each individual client.This safe, effective scientific and artistic method adds ease to you daily routine and longevity to your makeup look.Consultation is Mandatory for all procedures involving semi-permanent to permanent cosmetic as well as Microblading.


Any type of micro-pigmentation treatment requires a minimum of two sessions. Our pricing structure has been organized to reduce the amounts of your initial visit. These services are typically charged the whole fee for two treatments up front but we have divided the payments between your treatments.

Schedule a consultation to discover more about how this procedure can enhance your life,

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